Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Patient recovering

Fingers crossed Nina is looking much better.  She has returned to the main herd as she seems quite unhappy without all her friends and relations.  Her Mum and her daughter are both still on the farm so they remain attached to each other.

Managed to get the VAT return done today with only a day to spare before the dreaded cut off/fine is incurred.

Even though we have not had many visitors it is surprising how much money the shop has actually taken.  The new wool is going very well with about 30 skeins being sold already.  Bearing in mind we dont adertise and the gates are only open two half days at the moment that is not bad going.   We have some adverts coming out pre Christmas so hope they will produce some good sales.

Mike is off the garage tomorrow to work for the day and collect some roofing that is being stored there as he is going to make some more field shelters before the winter sets in.   The kids need a better shelter so they can eat under cover when it rains and some of the home paddocks have no shelter at all.

The Chardstock 6 are grasing the drive for us at the moment.   Gives them some more grub and saves the lawnmower petrol.  Mike has netted off his precious apple and pear trees.

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