Saturday, 18 September 2010

Day of Rest

Through the summer we spent most weekends at Dog Agility Shows and we still managed to get all the day to day stuff around the farm done so we decided that through the winter we will have Saturdays and Sundays free and do our domestic chores or just chill or go out - like we used to do when we had proper jobs!!

The kennel is lovely and clean, the dogs have been groomed, toe nails clipped, teeth cleaned to within an inch of their lives.  The lawn (a bit of an exaggeration) has been manicured, Mike has run drainage pipes to the back of the barn so the water does not drain into the garden, and we are raring to go tomorrow to tick of the rest of the jobs on th list so we can do the chill out bit.

Now we have sold most of our older girls - just a few more to go on the website this week  - the herd looks really lovely.  Nearly all young, well fleeced alpacas showing the progress we have made since we started out.   Most of them are in the home paddocks so we can have the pleasure of seeing them all the time.

One of our clients phoned to report on the Great Western Fleece Show which took place at Frome Market today.   She said it was a very good event with plenty of trade stands and Dominic Lane the judge gave a very good account of himself apparently.   Ashdale Alpacas showed  a fleece belonging to Chance who was a little alpaca born in quarantine and she arrived here at the age of three weeks.  Mike has never forgiven me for selling her.    Will have a look at the results to see if she got anywhere.   She was in the senior class which is a bit of a reminder of how time flies.


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