Monday, 6 September 2010

Swapping round

The weather forecast was really bad so after our usual Monday paddock cleaning with the help of our neighbour, Pam, we tried to get as many of the odd jobs done as possible.    We moved the weanlings into a bigger paddock and moved the females who are supposed to be giving birth shortly into one of the smaller paddocks to make best use of the grass available.   Luciana (the one who had an abcess on her jaw) is in with the pregnant Mums just so we can keep an eye on her and make sure that it has really cleared up this time.   I think she is fine now but will get Nick to double check tomorrow when he comes in.   We think that both the pregnant girls have probably not carried to full term but we are giving it just a few more days before giving up finally and sending them back to the main herd to be remated next year.

We don't normally expect many sales this time of year but today we pre sold two of our little boys who will be going to their new home when they leave their Mums.

At last we have managed to source some hay - but it is going to cost £40 a bale - last year we only paid £20.   Mike is going to look at a tractor tomorrow which has a front loader which will enable him to handle the big bales better.

We have had a bit of a run on the shop and even sold some fleeces today, so maybe now the children have gone back to school, the Mums are free to have a little spend up.

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