Tuesday, 21 September 2010

We hate brambles but......

Photos of the re-organised shop. 

We hate brambles and complain when the alpacas get caught on them but we love blackberries and we have been picking lots.   They are very tasty and I have frozen some to go with the apples we have been given so Mike can have his apple and blackberry pie - one day.

Today Nick fenced off an area at the back of the barn and round the trenches which were dug behind the barn earlier in the year and he also put a fence round my vegetable plot, which at the moment consists of  two small raised beds with about ten cabbage and curly kale plants the leaves of which the slugs have made into a rather fetching lacy pattern.  Nevertheless I am hoeing it and keeping it weed free and have put lots of eggshells round them which are supposed to keep slugs and snails away.   Might have to use slug pellets in the end though.

Anyway this gives us a little more grazing.

Mike fetched his new tractor today.  He is very please with it and it has lots of original features - if you know what I mean!!  

He is returning the trailer to Wilton this evening and delivering a box of wool to our knitters who are based in Trowbridge, so I don't suppose I will see him until late into the evening, but at least it means that tomorrow will be a free day to catch up before the weekend.  I am hoping we can scan all the females in the herd so we can make decisions about remating any who have not carried their pregnancy through.

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