Saturday, 30 August 2014

Being Methodical

There are always plenty of jobs to be done on the farm but since we have been living in our new house a few more have been added, such as a back garden, a hole where our log cabin was sited whilst we waited for planning permission and then converted the barn, and revamping the farmyard, not to mention creating a permanent indoor handling set up in the new barn.  Much of our original fencing is rotten so we are removing some and replacing other parts.

We have decided to work from the top downwards, which means that in addition to building a corral so that we can catch alpacas if we need to and in future maybe offer farm walks with an alpaca, the fencing at the entrance and all around the first paddock was rotten and have to be replaced.   The car park has been cleared of vegetation,

and Mike is going to level it with his digger and extend the hard standing area for visitors to the shop.

Last Thursday Mike and our good neighbour, Andrew, who lives across the road, stripped the roof from the shop, which was temporarily repaired in the winter when storms ripped half of it off, and replaced it with heavy weight roofing felt, which they assure me will last for many years.

Monday, 18 August 2014

End of an Era for Us

Mike has decided that he is not going to compete at dog agility competitions with his dog, Jake, anymore, so we are going to sell our lovely caravan.  We have had it for several years but have only used it for a few weekends a year and the dogs have not been allowed in it, so we have been advised that it should be easy to sell.  Time will tell.

On the up side, Mike will be on the farm when I go to shows and he will be on hand to keep an eye on the alpacas and "spare" dogs at home.   I am guessing there will be a trade off of some kind, but that has not been revealed as yet.  Days out at motor racing events are a possibility, I feel.

Of course as soon as we pulled the caravan out into the field to take photos and give it a clean up, the alpacas thought they had better check it out!!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Work and Play

Some time ago we ordered 100 bales of hay to see us through the winter and on Wednesday they arrived.  Michelle (a local farmer's daughter) and her partner Allen arrived at about 9 a.m. and whilst Allen threw the bales up to the loft, Michelle and I stacked them three high.  It was hard work, but rewarding, and good to know that all our animals will have fodder for the winter.   If it is a hard winter we may have to top up, but fingers crossed we will be fine.  Allen made light work of throwing the bales well above his head.  They were the same price as last year, but much heavier, which means better value for us, and harder work for them.

What with the daily chores on the farm including shifting hay bales around, getting to grips with my knitting machine, which gives me a good work out, and jobs as described above, I have definitely trimmed my waistline, though sadly, not my appetite!!

Mike was gutted that he could not help because he has to be careful since his health scare over Christmas, but he took over all the other morning jobs like cleaning out and feeding the chickens, collecting the eggs, clearing up after the dogs and  alpacas and other mysterious tractor and digger jobs.

In the meantime, Romie and her daughter Dolly enjoyed a good game.