Friday, 17 September 2010

Hay Day

Mike has collected our first bale of hay - luckily only the goats need it at the moment.   We still have enough grass for the alpacas.    The kids are getting really fat so we have extended their pen so that they can get a bit more exercise and also the concrete floor of the barn will help to keep keep their hooves from growing too much.   Not sure if they are hooves or nails, but anyway we have to pare them away from time to time to stop them curling under.   We are also going to cut down on their feed and let them live on hay for a while.

When we ran out of hay we put them on haylage which is richer and has more protein which is probably another reason for the tubbiness.

David and I went to Zeals to put a stone on Mum's grave.   The Vicar at Zeals has been extremely unhelpful all along.   We wanted Mum to be buried at Zeals with Dad but the Vicar was quite funny about it because she did not die in the Parish.  It has taken all this time to get permission to put her gravestone on the same plot as my father and she d

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