Thursday, 16 September 2010

We love chickens, but.....

We love chickens, but, we left the kitchen door open this morning whilst we were out on the farm.   At lunch time we found that we had had a visit.   Our wine glasses had been knocked over - luckily they were in the kitchen sink waiting to be washed up, there were unmentionable signs of chicken visits on the floor and work tops and a feather or two.     We did not need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out  what had happened and we will certainly make sure the doors are closed in future.   The trouble is they are so used to having a free run of the place - the dogs generally ignore them or at most Millie will try and herd them around - so they are rather confident.

One of Mike's wheels fell off this morning - no off the paddock cleaner (a big hoover).  The washer he needed has disappeared but luckily, with his engineering skills that was no problem - he just found something in his workshop and filed it a bit so it does the job.  Wheel now back on.   He is just off to pick up a large bale of hay as the goats and kids have completely run out now.

I am still putting the stock back in the shop after attending the Chardstock Street Fayre.  It is taking forever because I am revamping the whole thing at the same time as the new Alpacastuff website is nearly ready for launch.

I need photos of the shop and all its stock, so it needs to look good, or at least as good as possible.   This is being done between normal farmy stuff including delivering alpacas to their new homes, which we did yesterday - four females and two cria.  They walked out of the trailer into their new paddock as casually as you like and commenced grazing as if they had been there all their lives.

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