Monday, 13 September 2010


As Saturday we went to Gillingham Agility Show but we were managing a ring which meant that we only had time to run our dogs and otherwise were tied to our ring for the day.   We had a very enjoyable day as the show was well run and the weather was good.   Our dogs were very good too despite being shut in all day.

No results to celebrate but our competition dogs performed well and most of the mistakes were of our own making I expect.

On the way home we called to view some male alpacas from a herd dispersal (i.e. closing a business) as we need to bring some new blood into our line.    On the way home we discussed the options and decided that although the prices were very reasonable  they reflected the quality of the alpacas and we decided to keep our eyes open over the next few months for higher quality boys, as we will not need to cover our girls until the spring now.   We also hope that by selling three of our current males (keeping Pedro the really good dark brown male) we can invest quite a bit more.

Today is catching up day and we are tidying the barn which has become a bit of a dumping ground and reorganising the shop ready for the Christmas Rush!!

The new Alpacastuff website is nearly ready for launch so we are hoping to return to our regular online sales which have fallen off since we almalgamated the products with the farm website.

The goats seem to be quite happy without their winter coats but go galloping for shelter if there is the slightest driop of rain.

The dogs have settled into their new kennel very well and, probably because they get a bonio when they are shut in, Charlie and Dolly dash into their crates if we even walk towards it.

On Thursday we are going to Golden Cap Agility Club with a view to joining them if they like us and vice versa.   The members we have met so far seem extremely pleasant and friendly.  Jake and Charlie particularly need to train where there are other dogs around as they both get VERY excited when they see other dogs doing agility.

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