Saturday 2 October 2010

Health Report

Nina seems to be fine now, although we will be scanning her next week to make sure she is still pregnant.

Her daughter, Luciana, also belonging to Pauline has been scouring (diarrhoea) so we checked the rest of the herd but only she seems to be having a problem so we think it is probably where the recent rain has made the grass grow more lush which has upset her tummy.  As a precaution we wormed her, gave her some Vecoxan which is and anti-coccideal drench (another parasite), and also some pro-rumen which helps to re-balance the gut flora.

Today she appears to be much better but we are going to get the whole herd in later to separate the mums and babies and put them in a separate paddock to feed them  up a bit until the cria are weaned.  We will check Luciana then and decide whether to continue with the Pro Rumen or whether she is entirely over it.

Our website is now being run by Chris Moor at Alpacaseller using his server and low and behold, immediately we are back on page 1 of Alpacas For Sale.   Seems too sudden to be a coincidence!!  My son thinks there must have been something about the server we were on before that Google did not like.  Fingers crossed he is right because we are about to put quite a few animals up for sale so that people have plenty of time to consider them before the spring when most people think of buying.

The Chardstock 6 are going to stay for another six months, which is good news.

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