Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Thomas the Tractor

Mike had to go to Salisbury today but on the way he called in to view a second hand tractor to replace the International which is not suitable for some of the jobs he wants to do. He has been looking in Farm Trader and on Ebay and other likely advertising places for quite a while but finally found this one in the Mole Valley magazine.  He phoned to say that it was suitable and that he had bought it so that is another small success story.   Now he has to sell the International!!

Nick and I condition checked the herd again and there are only one or two females who are a little under weight but they are feeding cria so that is to be expected.   As soon as we can wean the cria we will do so and give them a chance to put some weight back on before the winter.

All the cria are now fully up to date with their vaccinations which is always a small milestone on the farm.   Whilst we cannot guard against all harm that might come to them we can do our best to protect them from disease where possible.

The kids are thriving without their Mums and the Does are still underweight from feeding them but gradually improving.

Dolly showed off her herding skills once again.  She really has got a talent.

Mike is going to borrow the garage trailer to collect the trailer and bring down a steel frame for a building which we bought years ago and never used.   He is hoping to use it to make some more field shelters so we can make better use of the home paddocks in the winter.

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