Wednesday, 14 March 2018

With very few days without rain for ages, our smallholding is constantly soggy with the gateways thick with mud.

Today we trimmed the toe nails of our female alpacas and (sadly) took their cria away to another field.  They (3 boys and a girl) are all seven + months old  and are due to be weaned.   At first they were a little confused but quickly got down to the serious business of eating.
We are keeping them in the paddock behind the house so we can keep an eye on them.  They have a shelter but it will probably take a few days of feeding them in there before they realise its uses.

Ted, the newpuppy, is growing up fast and is very quick to learn - good and bad things!!

We now have a very small herd but will be covering some females in the spring so that next year the herd will start to expand again.   We are no longer breeding to sell, but breeding for fleece for our wool and knitwear.