Thursday 6 April 2017

Toe Nails

Today was nice and sunny and we took the opportunity for a much need pedicure for the boys.   We also tried out a new handling arrangement. 

Most of the time I can treat the alpacas without help.   Worming, administration of ADE paste to keep up their vitamin levels, and all vaccinations presnt no problems, but I have not been able to master cutting toe nails on my own. 

We have now adapted our handling corral so that one alpaca at a time can be contained and with Mike just holding their heads I was able to quickly and efficiently trim the offending nails.
In the past we have had a slightly bigger handling area which meant that the "holder"sometimes had to dance around if an alpaca decided he did not want to co-operate.

Since Mike's recent health problems and his long term arthritis he has found that sudden unexpected movements can be quite painful, so the new system works well for both of us.

I have painted the floor of our chalet shop and moved all the stock back in so that it looks really smart again.   We are holding a coffee drop in on the 22nd April to introduce people to our latest products and give them a pre-view for the year ahead when they are looking for birthday presents etc:

Freddie and co will will available to meet the public.

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Meet Freddie

Freddie is ten months old and a little small but perfectly formed!!  His Mum and Dad were both quite compct alpacas and he has taken after them it seems.

He is so friendly (and has been since he was really young).  He is always the first to approach if I go into their paddock and if I have food he starts to nuzzle  as soon as he sees the bowl.    He is very brave and will always be the first to investigate any new events or visitors.