Friday, 24 September 2010


This week seems to have flown by  but we are not sure where it went.

The usual farm jobs need doing every day.

Cleopatra is a female who was junior brown champion at the Bath & West Show when she was a few months old but we have not managed to breed from her yet - in fact she seems to prefer the ladies.   Alario is the male who does not get on with the others, so we thought they probably deserve each other.    They are now sharing a love nest in the chicken field.   It has taken Cleo away from the rest of the herd where she was a disruptive influence and given Alario some company.

We have moved the herd into the last two really lush paddocks in a last ditch attempt to prepare them for the poorer grass and other challenges of winter.

We had a worm egg count carried out today - that is we take dung samples from each group of animals and they are examined under a microscope at the Vet's.  If worm eggs are spotted it is a cue for us to deliver medication to flush the little critters out.

Strangely only the goat kids showed any sign of worm which is even more surprising because they had lice a few weeks ago and the treatment included a wormer.   Good news that there are no other problem areas though.    Poor kids will have the needle on Monday!!

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