Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hay There!

We have decided to bite the bullet and order the haylage which we buy for the goats and sometimes for the alpacas in the winter.   Haylage is somewhere between grass and hay and the alpacas love it and devour it very quickly.    It is higher in protien and nutrients than hay so it is good for them.    The stuff we buy is usually much more expensive than hay but I think this year it will be the same price and possibly cheaper if we buy enough.

Chris, who I go riding with sometimes says that her husband can get us an unlimited number of pallets from where he works as they will be burned otherwise.   We will use these to keep the baylage off the ground and as it is wrapped in plastic it should be fine in all weathers.

The word is out that we are going to have another really hard winter this year.    I don't know where this has come from - maybe from the hay sellers to make us panic even more!!

The cria that we took away from their mums yesterday are looking quite relaxed and happy.   They cannot see the main herd from their paddock and they are grazing quite strongly so apart from the comfort of suckling I don't think they are missing much.  When I checked the main herd Calpurnia, one of the mums was on her own and looking lost.  I think she was looking for her daughter.   A bit sad but part of farming I guess.

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