Monday, 27 September 2010

Scanning for 2011

We went to Honiton Agility Show yesterday and Charlie our young collie did his first round of jumping.  I was really worried as at the last show we went to he ran away whilst we were on a walk and ran through all the rings before being enticed to the Secretary's tent with a ball.

I was Managing a Ring and nearly missed my runs in the Collie Jumping but I managed to squeeze in with Romie - who carried out a demolition job on the jumps on the course and when I got there with Charlie there were only a couple of dogs before us so he did not get too excited.  He waited at the start and performed a reasonable imitation of completing the course properly.  He missed a couple of jumps and at the end I sent him straight on rather than risk the tricky right and left which might have given him the opportunity to notice the other rings and run off to investigate.     I think if I had felt more confident I would have handled him better and we would have had a better result, but I am so pleased that he stayed with me which was my major worry.

Today we scanned all our pregnant females so we can make sure that they are all likely to give birth next year.   There were one or two doubtful results which will need revisiting but on the whole we should have a nice crop of cria next year.

At the same time we checked the condition of the females and cria and found that most were coping very well, although a couple with bigger cria were starting to need a boost.   All the cria are very fit and porky and  their fleece is exceptionally good this year.

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