Wednesday, 28 August 2019

New Home for Three

Three alpacas left the farm this morning to go to their new home.

They were very well behaved when we herded them into the catch pen in our back paddock where they have been living since they were sold two weeks ago.   There is always a delay because we have our alpacas pre-movement tested for TB so that the new owners know that they are receiving healthy animals in that respect.

They are also up to date with all husbandry such as toe nails, vaccinations etc:

Two of them were happy enough to move from the catch pen into the trailer which was to transport them to their new home, but one, normally the most docile, decided to object and it took ages to get him in.  Alpacas normally travel very well once in their transport.  Mostly they lie down in a cush - i.e. with their legs tucked under them.

They do not have too far to go and should be grazing in their new field by now.

We are expecting a visit from another prospective buyer to look at one of our males sometime soon so our herd dispersal/retirement sale is starting to work.   It may well take a long time - perhaps as much as a year - to completely sell up, but we prefer to sell directly to new owners rather than take them to market.  Mainly because of welfare issues but also because they would probably make even lower prices than what we are offering them for.  Also we are not really in a hurry to sell and like to know who the new owners are so that we can help if they have any problems (unlikely) or in extreme take them back (has never happened so far).

Our Farm shop is closed at the moment but we will be re-opening in September through to the spring when we will be closing down finally.   There will probably be some stock left over which we will continue to sell online for a while.
This one our ethnic throws - made in Peru.   Click on the picture to visit our website.

Friday, 23 August 2019

All is Calm

What a change in the weather.   Really lovely and sunny and forecast to last for the next few days.  The alpacas are making use of their dust bath -  small bare patch in their paddock which they love rolling in.   I sprinkle it with  Diatomaceous earth, a very fine mineral which helps keep mites away.  Also good for preventing scaly leg in chickens.  They absolutely love it - even the new cria can be seen rolling away in the sunshine.
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Sunday, 18 August 2019

Splitting the Herd

We have sold three of our alpacas in the start of our herd dispersal.

A lovely couple from near Exeter have bought three alpacas which came  to us a year or so ago.

They want them as chicken guards/pets and already have farming experience with their sheep, so they should have no trouble integrating the alpacas. They have been living happily with our boys up until a few days ago when we separated them to await their pre-movement TB test prior to moving to their new home.

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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Dreary Day

You would hardly believe that it is still summer today.   It has been raining and drizzling since first thing this morning.   I did manage to clear the paddocks and clean out the hens but really there is no incentive to do other than the essentials and basics.
All the alpacas seem to have decided to stay out in the rain.  I suppose because although continual it is fairly light most of the time.  If it gets heavy they usually gallop to shelter and the hens go running and flapping to their house.

Bed socks seem to be popular this week which is surprising because they are more popular in the winter usually.   Even though we call them bed socks, they are 90% alpaa and can be worn with any footwear - even wellies.   I also use mine as slippers on carpeted areas.   They don't work quite as well on tiled or wooden surfaces as they only have a single layer sole.    Our walking socks are probably the best for indoor slipper replacement on hard floors as they have a lovely thick cushion sole.

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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Dodging the Showers

The weather has been very changeable today so far and several times we have seen the chickens and alpacas dash for cover when a really heavy shower starts only to come creeping out again a short while later.

I am now wearing a pair of our every day socks which are 55%  Alpaca but they are ideal in this sort of weather because they are light weight and still thick enought to wear in wellies or walking boots around the farm.

They have been really good as I can quickly slip my boots on over these lovely soft socks and dash out to collect eggs or clear up in the paddo
They are also quite smart in shoes or trainers.

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Saturday, 10 August 2019

Torrential Rain

With heavy rain in the forecast we have been keeping an extra watch over the alpacas.   The females who live with the hens often try and shelter in the hen house if there is a sudden downpour but they cannot all fit it.   If it is late in the day or more than a quick shower I usually walk over and guide them to their shelter where they can all fit in.

I am not sure if they appreciate it because they often stay outside the shelter even when it is close to hand.

The hens, on the other hand, run for cover whenever heavy rain or strong winds come along.

Last night I shut them all in early as the rain was heavy and forecast to becomome torrential, which it duly did.   Still it saved my having to water the tubs of flowers and the back garden, which was nice.

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Thursday, 8 August 2019

Back to Normal

Took my dogs, Teddy and Dolly to an Agility Competition held at West Point Showground near Exeter.  The show was run over four days commencing last Saturday until Tuesday.

I am having a crisis of confidence at the moment as I am having difficulty remembering courses.
Despite that, Dolly did several nice runs but made some mistakes and I made handling errors too.  She qualified  10th for the Blenheim Palace Agility Stakes but it is 135 miles away so I don't think I will go.

Ted was a bit wild for the first couple of days but then I decided to go back to basics and did  some serious sit wait training in the car park which we then transferred to the competition ring.  Although he did not get a clear round he was more responsive and allowed me to leave him at the start so I could get a head of him.

We have sold 3 alpacas which is a start for our closing down sale.   The young couple who bought them seem very keen and subject to a clear pre-movement TB test they should be ready to go in a couple of weeks.