Monday, 20 September 2010

New Website

Our new website for the alpaca wool and clothing is making progress and I have taken some photos of the shop to go on it.   If I can get all the details entered it should be up and running quite soon.  

It has been a lovely day here today.  Mike is owrking at the garage in Wilton today.  He usually goes up once a month to keep in touch and does a day's work whilst he is there, which helps our budget too.  I  set the alarm for 6 o'clock but apparently it should have been 6.30 a.m. so he got away nice and early - although he did not really appreciate being woken half an hour too early.

We had a discussion about the goat kids as they are becoming a nuisance in the barn as we cannot use it to anything else, such as vehicle maintenance, alpaca husbandry etc:   so we have decided to put them in the small paddock which is always referred to as the pig pen because it was intended for our kune kune pigs who went to a new home before we came down to Devon in the end.    Up to now it has been used for isolating small groups or for Alario our feisty male who fights the other boys.

We have a converted pig ark which can be moved down to the paddock as a shelter and they can get out in the fresh air again and we will have full use of the barn.  This is on the menu for tomorrow when Nick comes, weather permitting.

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