Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcome to the sun and 2013


Those chicken think they own the farm.  Even though it is sunny and dry outside they think it is better to get easy pickings from the alpaca's leftovers.   Fingers crossed they do not start laying their eggs in the barn.   Once that starts they can be anywhere, including the hayloft, hayracks, behind buckets and in feeding troughs.

The builders are back tomorrow so we have been having a rush round to clear the decks as I have been using the living room, which they will be painting,  as a drying room for the washing, and Mike has been having a clear out of some stuff that has been stored but so far it has only got as far as the door and has yet to be allocated a new home.

We went to a New Year's eve party with the next door neighbours last night and are off to visit the neighbours across the road this evening, and then I think that is all the socialising over for a while.


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