Wednesday 2 January 2013

Counting Sheep

The sheep seem to be quite happy outside and most of the time do not even bother to go into their shelter.   We are feeding them and they always have plenty of hay to supplement the grass which is very sparse and poor at the moment.  they are sharing the paddock with Alario but he tends to keep himself to himself  except when there is food on offer.   Then he joins the sheep and makes sure that he gets his share.

Last year we bought some good quality grass seed and we planned to put some goodness back into the soil at the same time but at first it was too dry and then, as we all know, the rest of the spring was goo wet.   We still have the seed and have a large dung heap which has been composting for nearly two years so it should be sterile and will be used as a natural fertiliser.   With most of the animals being housed for the near future which will rest the grazing, we are hoping to have much improved pasture in the spring.

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