Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Normal Service is Resumed

The builders have now returned to work but unfortunately they were not here on Monday so when the stone tiles arrived for the floor of  the house, Mike and I have to unload them.   The lorry driver handed them down to us and we piled them up.  They were very heavy so we reckon it counted as a good work out without the gym.

Jon, the builder in chief, phoned the Building Inspector to make sure he was happy with everything and to check when he wanted to visit.   He is happy  and will be coming to inspect the drains when they are done.  He also gave us some disappointing news.  We were planning to leave the steel joists as part of the construction and visible but fire regulations insist that they are clad with two layers of plasterboard and plastered.    Mike says it is because the steels would get extremely hot if there was a fire.   Actually I am quite pleased now, as the cladding gives the room a bit of character.   The plumber is coming tomorrow and the paint is on order.

All the rooms have been plastered and painted with two layers of emulsion prior to the final colour. The floor will be laid shortly and the stairs are nearly ready.

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