Friday 4 January 2013

Contented Goats

As the weather has been dry for a day or two now we were able to turn the bucks out for a few hours to enable us to give their house an extra spruce up.   They all seem quite happy with their lot, although one of the adult bucks is having some foot problems.   Mike treated him several times when I was away and I have trimmed a lot of excess fleece from between his toes but he still limps from time to time.  He is on the list for special care for a while.

Keeping everyone housed is very costly in hay and feed and Mike had to go off to collect more hay today.  We went to Yeovil on Wednesday to buy some presents for the four family birthdays in January and took the opportunity to go to Mole Valley Stores as they supply their own brand of Alpaca Nuts.  We now have enough in stock to keep us gong for a few weeks.

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