Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Clippers

How exciting is my life?   We decided that it was time the bucks had their toe nails checked and clipped today and combined it with giving them their annual vaccination.  I can do the young bucks on my own by sitting them on their back ends but the two older bucks are huge and Mike has to hold them  whilst I trim.
I have been using the same clippers for a few years with Mike expertly sharpening them, but I bought some new ones this week and was amazed at the difference they made.  The job was much quicker and easier. The old ones have been consigned to the bin.

We also vaccinated the sheep.  When we bought them their owner told us that they would need their first vaccinations in the spring but we decided to do it now so that all the animals on the farm have them at around the same time.  (The alpacas are due for theirs later this month).   They will need a secondary dose in four weeks time- rather like when you have your puppy vaccinated for the first time.

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