Tuesday 29 January 2013

More Skulduggery

Back in October we had several incidents with the farm signs being vandalised or stolen.  The police were investigating but we have not heard anything for ages, so presume they have forgotten us.   We had more or less forgotten about it ourselves, but lately we have had a surplus of eggs and have been putting our sign out to sell them.

Mike made the sign and I carefully wrote the notice using stencils and liquid chalk, which was very painstaking, but quite neat when done.   The sign is not out every day because we keep the eggs for ourselves and regular customers first.  I was in one of the paddocks when I saw a car draw up and a man got out and crossed to the egg box.   He then returned to his car and I assumed he had been checking to see if any eggs left and then gone back to get his cash. After which he returned to the egg box and then back to his car.

I thought no more of it until I went up to the end of the drive to collect the post only to find that yet another notice had been stolen by this strange person who either has a thing about removable signs or us!!  Of course now I am kicking myself that I did not walk up the drive when I saw him so that at least I would recognise him again.

On Saturday I went to Exeter, meeting up with Pauline, my friend from Andover, on the train.   She is updating the decorations in her house and I was on the look out for curtains.  We were both lucky and ended up with six rolls of very posh wallpaper for her and curtains for most of the house for me, followed by a leisurely and delicious  lunch in a very lively hostelry which we have visited before.  No surprise there!!


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