Friday, 18 January 2013

Neat and Tidy

I do love it when everything is neat and tidy and matches.   That is what snow is for.   The dogs loved it, although it was not quite as much fun for me as I delivered hay and feed to the bucks, sheep and male alpacas in their various shelters.   We moved the hayrack into a shelter for the sheep to encourage them to get indoors and it seems to have worked because they and Alario, the lone alpaca, are nowhere to be seen now.

The hens stayed in their shed until the very last minute this morning.  Usually they are queuing up at the gate to their enclosure in the mornings but they did not come out until they heard the feeding trough rattle.  They seem to be spending most of the day in the barn with the alpacas and laying eggs in the hay racks.

The forecast seems uncertain but we are well stocked up with most things, although the teabag situation is getting a little concerning!!  Jon, the builder, and one of his lads are here and busy with tiling the bathroom and decorating the walls everywhere ready for the plumber to fit the radiators.

Fingers crossed that all the colours I have chosen work.  Mike likes me to choose, but to be fair he rarely complains about my choices even if they are a little off sometimes.

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