Friday, 11 January 2013

Artificial Sunshine

As all the alpacas are being housed at the moment, it is even more important than usual in the winter to give them some additional vitamin D to make up for the lack of sunshine.   We used to use an injection but it is no longer licensed in the UK so we have been using a paste which contains glucose and vitamins A D and E instead.

It is mainly young alpacas who need the vitamin D to maintain strong and healthy bones but we routinely give it to the whole herd.  They don't mind taking it and although they get a bit worried when they are driven into the pen where we administer their dose, I think it probably does them good to do something other than just eat and sleep.  It is over very quickly and they soon settle back into their routine.

They are all due for their annual vaccinations later this month and their toe nails are looking rather long too!!

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