Sunday, 13 January 2013


Last Sunday we had some unexpected visitors who had seen the advert for our log cabin in the Mole Valley Newsletter, which is distributed to farmers who enrol as members to obtain a discount at the Country store where you can buy almost anything related to farming, including feed, feeding troughs, fencing, gates, wheel barrows, boots, clothes, chicken equipment, electric fencing, to name but a few.  They were lovely and rose even more in our estimation when they wrote a cheque and agreed to buy the cabin.  This will help us enormously towards the completion of our barn conversion.

The cat has decided to grace us with her presence indoors which is a sure sign that the weather is getting  colder.  We are not keen on her sitting on the coffee table for obvious hygiene reasons, so Mike will have to get her bed sorted.  She has one which attaches to the radiator so she does not sit on our chairs and especially not on our tables.

You might think that Romie and her daughter, Dolly, are just showing an interest in the outside world, but no, they know that Mike is busy getting their dinner ready and they are just preparing for the race which ensues when I open the doors.

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