Tuesday, 11 November 2014

New Stuff

Nearly stocked up for Christmas sales in the farm shop.   We have hand made soap, hand-made candles in vintage containers and luxury hand made candles, all with lovely natural scents.   Coming soon we have hand made Christmas wreaths, made by one of my agility friends.   She is extremely artistic and inventive.  Of course this is in addition to our normal alpaca products, gifts and cards.

Today Mike and Nick are continuing with the installation of a permanent penning and handling area in the barn.   For the last two winters we have had all the alpacas inside for part of the winter and it has involved setting up lots of hurdles, often tied up with the indispensable  baler twine, and taking it all apart again afterwards.   The new system will be adaptable with some parts fixed and others made up of gates that swing to enclose, cut off or release as required.

The Gotland Sheep have just been shorn.  I tried to get a good photo of them but as soon as they see me they think they are going to be fed so they get quite excited and won't stand still.   They are shorn twice a year and of course this time of year they will feel the cold until the fleece grows back a bit so they are testing out the first part of the new penning.   We put a tarpaulin up to prevent the cold wind blowing in on them.   The fleece grows back very quickly and so they will be allowed out in a few days.   They have a shelter in their paddock so they can take cover if they feel the need.

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