Saturday, 22 November 2014

Ram Arrives

Yesterday afternoon Henning III, the Gotland Ram that I am sharing with Jenny, the friend that sold me the four Gotland ewes that are here already.  He seems a very calm ram and Jenny told me that they had had no problems when they had had to handle him.

He seemed very interested in one of the ewes but soon settled down, so presumably they are not in season at the moment.   They have a 17 day cycle so he should mate with all four over the next few weeks.  When I checked on them this morning, the ewes came over as usual, but Henning remained a little aloof.   I am mindful of Nick's advice, that it is not a good idea to get too friendly with the ram as he may then expect attention and if he does not get it will use the ram headbut method!!

The village school held a Christmas Fair in the school hall yesterday evening and I took a selection of products along as I think it is important to try and support such events when possible.  There were lots of lovely stalls and some very ingenious hand made Christmas decorations as well as cakes, artworks and, of course, tombola.

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