Saturday, 15 November 2014

Mike makes money!!

I went out to an Antiques Fair  with some girlfriends today and Mike was left in charge of the shop - a job that  he says he hates, although I think he over eggs it a bit.

After a quiet start to November today was the the busiest day for a while and Mike said he was up and down to the shop like a yo yo.When I arrived home it was getting dark and the last customers were in the car park getting ready to leave.  It makes a lot of difference when the weather is good.   Cold and bright is best.  We hardly ever get any visitors if it is raining.

 It was good the see the alpacas starting to dry out.   They have free access to the barn and I feed them in there at dusk especially on wet days in an effort to keep them out of the rain, but most of the time they stay in for a while and then wander out again.  Of course if the weather was really severe we could shut them in.

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