Thursday, 20 November 2014

Knitting keeps you fit

Well, who'd have thought it!!  My new interest in knitting includes using a vintage knitting machine to knit scarves.  It is a "chunky" machine which means it is for thicker yarn and therefore it is a bit harder to push the carriage from side to side, particularly as I am knitting 2 x 2 rib which requires two carriages and two sets of needles.

The scarves that I make consist of 280 rows so I have to push the carriage back and forth 280 times, which gives me quite a work out.   After a few days I began to feel my waistline returning from wherever it had disappeared to.   

Yesterday I made a cowl instead of  scarves, meaning a few less rows.  I would have shown you a picture, but it sold in the shop today!  

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