Sunday, 16 November 2014

Work Experience

Today we spent some time with a very young lady who is keen to become a farmer when she leaves school. We do not have enough work to warrant extra help even on a work experience basis but we introduced her to alpacas and she shadowed me for an hour or so.   We did not really need to trim toe nails today but did so to give her some experience of handling and dealing with the alpacas.   She did really well and at least had something else to put on her CV when the time comes.

Apparently as well as attending school she has helped on a farm at lambing time, regularly helps with milking a dairy herd at the weekends and has several pets (including a snake) of her own and she is hoping to adopt a lamb to rear next year!!  She should go far if she carries on as she has started.

We took the opportunity to do a condition check and have decided that the boys definitely need a bit of a boost, although they are still in very good condition, they have become slightly thinner than a few weeks ago.  We will also send of dung samples from the whole herd to see if they need worming.

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