Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lost and Found


I have decided to expand the gift section of our little farm shop and so when we had to go to Taunton I took the opportunity to visit a few charity shops and a bric-a-brac/antique market on the way back to buy some unusual containers for my new candle-making enterprise.   Well, I was thinking of one shelf in the shop, really.

On the way to Taunton we picked up fuel and it was not until I wanted to pay for a new watch strap with my card that I realised it was missing.  I emptied my handbag and went through the contents several times and came to the conclusion that I must have either left it on the counter or dropped it at the Petrol Station.  As I stood in the queue to to get to the till, the cashier recognized me and waved my missing card, thank goodness.  Apparently I had left it in the card reader.  I am guessing it was when I asked for a VAT receipt.  I took the receipt and forgot to take the card.

I visited the charity shops in Chard and bought a some interesting  pots and on the way back from Taunton went to the Antiques Bazar  in Crewkerne where I bought quite a few little gems, including six unusual wine glasses.   When I got home and unpacked my little treasures, I found that there were only four in the bag.

One of the staff had carried two wine glasses to the counter and Mike and I carried two each, so I think the person packing the bag only saw the ones that we put on the counter together and missed the other two.   Luckily our neighbour goes into Crewkerne quite regularly and agreed to pick up the missing glasses, after I had phoned to make sure they were there.

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