Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Lazy day

Not much work on the farm today. I went to the Beautician's - she was unable to work the required miracle but I had a lovely relaxing massage courtesy of a voucher my son gave me for Mother's Day (in March)!

The chickens laid six eggs in the barn today - one each - and seem to have got over their annoyance at not being allowed to go and play with the fox behind the barn.

Have started to use my bicycle to go down to the bottom paddocks. It is a free wheel job going down but very hard work coming back. Part of my new keep fit campaign.

Let Tia off lead in the sealed paddock and again she failed to stay with me so the other dogs had her dinner and I took Maddy (our old lurcher) out to play ball. Unfortunately I forgot the hens would be coming in to the paddock (they can get through the stock proof fencing) to put themselves to bed. I tried to shoo them out before Tia noticed and succeeded with all but one. She chased the hen but luckily Mike was by the gate and managed to let her out with only a major case of ruffled feathers.

I had left a long training lead on Tia so when she came and tried to steal Maddy's ball I just picked it up and tied her up. Continued to play with Maddy and then led Tia round the back of the house and left her tied up whilst I put the chickens away and then did some Agility training with Romie and Jake (competing collies).

When we had finished I unhitched her and despite all her attempts to get my attention am currently totally ignoring her in the hope (slight) that she will want to be with me more than trying to get my attention by doing things that she knows we don't want her to do.

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