Saturday, 20 June 2009

Another girl 7 - 3

Nina, who belongs to my friend Pauline, but is at livery here, gave birth to a cracking fawn female cria at 11 a.m. this morning. She seems to be doing very well. Pauline will be very pleased when she picks up her emails because she has been suffering from a surfeit of males - albeit one of them is a Champion dark brown. Pedro's first cria was born this week, as I mentioned, and he seems to passing on some stunning characteristics.

Mike has gone to Golden Valley Dog Show today, taking my dog, Romie with him as well as his dog Jake. I am going to take both of them tomorrow. Mike's sister and her husband were going to look after the farm but Malcolm has been taken ill so they are unable to come. They are as disappointed as us - not only because Malc is sick - because they love staying on the farm and look on it as a holiday more than a chore.

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