Friday, 5 June 2009

It's a miracle

For two days in a row I have managed to play with Tia in the sealed paddock, albeit with a training lead still attached so I could tread on it if she really played up.

Yesterday she kept running over towards the alpacas but came back but today she did not even look at them more than a couple of times.   She brought her ball back and waited for me to throw it again.

Once her dinner (which she has to earn by coming back) had run out I kept a close eye on her and as soon as I noticed she was getting a little bored and starting to glance around looking for mischief I picked up her lead and took her in.

She hardly barks at all now, has not had a fight with the other dogs for ages, and puts herself to bed at night - albeit knowing there will be a bonio in her crate.

Had a scary moment this morning as we have had the doors open in the hot weather and one of the cats wandered in.   She must have forgotten that Tia might be there, or maybe because Tia is much quieter just thought she was somewhere else.   Luckily I noticed and distracted Tia and took her collar just as the cat noticed her.   The cat could not have left faster if she was jet propelled, with Tia desperate to follow.

The cats usually seem to have an uncanny sixth sense and know when it is safe to come into the garden or the house.   As soon as Tia is shut in at night they appear from under the house or in the barn and start mewing for their bedtime treat.    Tia gets very frustrated because when they are under the house she knows they are there but cannot get to them.  

We have five alpacas due to give birth but nothing seems to be happening at the moment.  Mike is going to take Romie and Jake to a dog show on Sunday so it is bound to be that day that one of them decides to go into labour.  Luckily most of the time they don't need any help or medication and are quite casual about the whole affair.  They look quite surprised when the cria pops out on to the ground.

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