Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Given up

Suki (cat) was last seen at breakfast on the 8th June. Her sister, Polly, misses her and so do we. We have searched everywhere, alerted the neighbours and put a poster on our gate but no news.

The two cats were inseparable and always slept most of the day curled up together so that you could not tell which was which. At night they woke up and went hunting or playing which often involved running around noisily on the roof of our house. Polly, the remaining cat, is very subdued and we have not heard her on the roof at all since her sister disappeared.

We are not really cat lovers, but these two were great characters. We are hoping that Polly does not go the same way. Not knowing what happened is the worst thing.

Today Tia is going back to my friend, Ali, who was fostering her originally. She would have gone back three weeks ago but she came into season and we did not think it would be fair to return her until she was over it as Ali has a male dog.

That is probably why I am writing this at 5 a.m. because we are so upset about both animals for different reasons.

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