Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Weed War

During our first summer here I noticed that we had a beautiful array of bright pink flowers all along the left hand boundery.  I mentioned this to our neighbour when she called round to see how we were getting on and she told me that the beautiful flowers were actually Hymalayan Balsam which is considered to be an imported pest weed like Japanese Knot Weed.

We were very disappointed but nevertheless took her advice and pulled up the plants by the roots.  We have had a few plants reappearing from time to time but this year there has been a come back on quite a large scale.  Probably because we have not been as vigilant recently.

Sadly I spent most of this morning clearing a big patch of the plants to prevent them spreading again.   They got their own back because they were interspersed with nettles and now both my arms are covered in nettle rash which is really stinging and uncomfortable.

The weather has at last changed  to sunny which makes everything much more pleasant and enjoyable.
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