Saturday, 29 June 2019

Clearing Up

Today we have been clearing up after the fencers.   We have a lovely new fence running along the farm track from the main road to our farm yard but the old fencing was just lying in piles of old rotted wood in the paddock.   We piled most of the old fencing into the landrover and Mike desposited it in a pile away from the animals and buildings with a view to having a good old bonfire when the wind is in the right direction.

I spent some time filling in the holes left by the old fence posts with gravel and sand,which was a bit fiddly but worthwhile as it will prevent any of the animals hurting themselves on the partially buried remains of the rotted fence posts.  It looks very smart now and shows up the rest of the fencing around the fields.

Of course we had a visit from the female alpacas in the paddock wanting to know what was going on and the hens also paid us a visit from time to time - hoping we has some bread or other treat for them.
I wore my Every Day Alpaca socks which are 55% alpaca and 45% nylon.   They are nice and light and the alpaca fibre allows for breathability and moisture absorption from the skin allowing your feet to always remain fresh and comfortable at the right temperature.Click on the picture to see our range of alpaca socks and knitwear.

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