Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Summer Holidays

Although we normally expect June to be the start of the summer, it has let us down this year.   We have had a lot of cloudy weather and rain.

We no longer sell alpacas and have only 16 to look after now.  We don't get many visitors in the summer because, of course, there is less demand for "woolly" products.  This year we have decided to close until September, although we  have a click and collect option on our website and visitors are always welcome if they give us a ring in advance.

Of course as soon as we made this decision we have two or three batches of visitors but they were happy enough to wait for a minute or two for me to open the shop and have vowed to return in the autumn too.

I am taking the opportunity to try and become more familiar with the quirks of getting our website more visible online.

Along with the alpacas we have a flock of hens and sell eggs at the farm gate, so what with keeping the hen house clean, clearing up the paddocks after the alpacas I am quite a dung expert.  Of course even with fewer animals there is still a certain amount of husbandry involved such as vaccinations, toe nail clipping, shearing and so on,  so no time to get bored.


Click on the image to visit our website and see our range of socks, hats, mittens, scarves and more.

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