Monday, 24 June 2019

Please fence me in!

At last the fencers have started to replace our failing boundary fences.   It will be a very expensive job and we have already spent out on the posts and rails but luckily the wire fencing can be re-used.
We are lucky to live in an area where there are still the rural skills to carry out this work.

We have started at the farm gate and the fencers put the new fencing up before taking down the old so that the chickens and alpacas did not have a chance to escape.  It will look very smart when it is all done and of course, most importantly it will ensure the safety of the animals.

The weather has also been kind which makes all the chores much easier.

When we came back from the farm shop with our chicken feed and screws etc: for the fencing we found our driveway blocked by a broken down car with two elderly ladies sitting in it.   Obviously I spoke to them and they explained that they had just managed to pull in to our driveway before the car petered out.   Some sort of fuel problem, it seems.  They were waiting for the RAC so I made them mugs of tea and they used our facilities whilst they were waiting.   A couple of hours later they were on their way with a sturdy and very polite RAC rescue man.
I am still in the process of adding our Peruvian range to the website.   Click on the picture to see what is available so far.

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