Sunday, 23 June 2019

Weather Holds Up Work

The weather has really held up work on the farm.   The grass had grown really long before there was a chance for Mike to get out and top it.   Unfortunately it was so long and wet that it spread itself around in small piles so we had to go round with the landrover and a trailer to collect up as much grass as we could and take it down to the compost/dung heap.  It was back breaking work, although I quite enjoyed jumping up and down on the trailer to squash the load down as much as possible.

Unfortunately it is still wet today.  Once we get some dry days we can cut again and try to get it back to a sensible length.   Alpacas don't like grazing on long grass.

We are expecrting the fencers tomorrow to repair and replace much of the fencing whcih has rotted over the years.  The wet ground will make it easier to batg the fence posts in but not very pleasant to work in otherwise.  Unfortunately the wether forecast is not very promising.
Maybe this bright throw will cheer you up.  Ideal as a bedcover, table cloth or curtain.  Click on the image for more details.

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