Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lawn Mowing Practice

We thought some of the alpacas could do with some lawn mowing experience as it is the weekend and the gates are closed.  I opened the gate of their paddock and they galloped up to the grassy bank next to the house.   Mike reckons they have been eyeing it up.  Of course some of the chickens needed to investigate too.

These are all quite young female alpacas and we are hoping that with some good matings this year they will form the basis of our future herd.   As usual we will be selling off some, if not all of the older generations to make way for our ever improving stock.

Despite being closed most of the time and all the time as far as the shop is concerned because of the building work, we are still getting quite a few customers phoning and calling in to see and buy our wool, socks and jumpers etc: which is encouraging.   We have also been booked for  five village fetes etc:  where we take some young alpacas for sale as well as all our alpaca products.  Usually we do very well at these events.

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