Saturday, 16 March 2013

Plumb Crazy
The little cria seems to be holding his own.   He was standing with the others when I checked this morning and was chomping hay which is a good sign. The sun was shining and only showers forecast so I let them out about half an hour later and he trotted alongside the others quite happily, although he could not keep up as well as usual.  When we were having our morning tea break the heavens opened and so we decided to bring all the male weanlings back into their shelter.   Grazing in the sunshine is  one thing but getting soaked and cold  is not a good idea when you are already poorly.

The building works have been going really well but there has been a bit of a hiccup with the plumbers!!  As well as forgetting that some improvements to the office loo were included in their quote, they had a mix up with the radiators leaving a very unsightly mess of pipes across the office wall,  and it seems, they got the hot and cold mixed up in the office and the utility room.   Mike was frustrated when he tried to wash the dog dishes because the water would not heat up. He feeds the dogs in the mornings whilst I clear up indoors.

 I tried the kitchen tap and reported lovely piping hot water.  Then he ran the cold tap and found it was running hot.  It transpired that the wash basin in the loo had the same problem and the toilet was flushing with hot water!!  Needless to say the plumbers will be recalled on Monday.   It is quite funny really and Mike says that it is only one joint which needs to be turned round (or something like that).

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