Monday, 11 March 2013

Battling the elements

Despite the really horrible weather, we feel we are making some progress.   The house is coming on really well and visitors are starting to pass favorable comments about the living room.   The kitchen has been fitted and we have actually finished the porch.  The plumber and electrician are coming this week to carry out the second fix i.e. putting in the things that actually show like lights, radiators etc:

We have started cutting toe nails in  batches.  Today we  did the male weanlings and, of course, checked their condition at the same time.   We were relieved to find that at last they are putting on some weight, although not quite up to our usual expectations this time of year.

Despite the snow and gales we still have to go round making sure all the  animals have food and water. Most of them do not seem to notice the bad conditions, but I did open the curtains this morning to the sight of several groups of alpacas lying around with a dusting of snow over them.  Even though they all have shelters they do not seem to have the sense to go into them much.

The other fun job in the mornings is breaking the ice in the water troughs. This morning it was quite thick and took some cracking.  Alpacas do not generally drink a lot and are expert at extracting and using moisture from forage.

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