Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Report
Rachel, the vet, came on Tuesday to check the sickly cria.  I had already established that his temperature was the high end of normal and he seemed fit and healthy again, but I wanted her to listen to his chest and make sure it was absolutely clear, which she did.   I had been shutting the weanlings in their shelter at night in case the weather changed.  Now I can confidently let them all get back to normal and just go into the shelter if they feel like it.

We have moved all the females into the lower paddocks which has not been grazed much lately.  The males are in the home paddocks sharing with the male weanlings.

The chickens are all laying now so we have a good surplus to sell to friends and at the farm gate, so they are paying for their feed and keeping us in eggs.

We were hoping to have moved into the house by now but there have been some last minute hiccups, including trouble with the central heating system.   Annoyingly the plumber went away on holiday for two weeks before it was fully operational.  Not very impressed with him.

David, Jane and Zach came down today and helped us move some of our furniture into the house and David brought down a really useful stock trailer which is surplus to requirements for him as he has given up keeping sheep for the time being.

We spat off the three females who are due to give birth in April - i.e. Alario, one our of stud males was put in   with them one by one to see if they were amenable to being mated.  Their way of saying no thanks is to spit and  kick at the male or run away whilst doing both of the former.   Poor old Alario had a hard time and did not even have the reward he was hoping for.

We have separated them from the herd and are keeping them near the barn so that we can keep an eye on them as a newborn would not last 5 minutes in this raw weather if it was not kept warm.

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