Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Traditional Skills


The new porch is in place, under floor heating fitted and tiling done. Just waiting for the back wall to be be plastered and it will be complete.  Now in the hands of the plumber and electrician for the finishing touches - and of course the carpenter who will be fitting the kitchen.

Nick has been laying the hedge along the frontage of the farm.. He does this in the traditional way using hazel sticks to hold the cut layers in place until they get used to growing that way.   The before and after photos show what a good job he has done.   When the sap rises and the hedge starts to shoot it will provide a good screen and will look really good.

All the alpacas seem to have got into their new routine.   The weanlings know that when Dolly and I show up with the feed buckets it is time to trot into the shelter.   If they don't react quickly enough Dolly just reminds them.

Alario is happy in the lower paddocks with his four ewes.  They are acting as a small herd and the sheep seem to look on Alario as their leader.   I can see why alpacas make good sheep guards now.

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