Monday, 12 July 2010

Parasite Fight

We seem to be doing nothing but fighting mites, flies and worms at the moment.

We have three alpacas who have suffered from mites every summer for years and occasionally others show the early symptoms  which we nip in the bud more or less successfully when we see the first signs.  We are currently treating the three with weekly spray of Frontline, pour on of Ivomectic Classic and covering bald areas on the ears and legs with Iodised udder salve to keep the skin soft and make it a poor breeding ground for parasites.  They are definitely not getting worse, but not sure if they are getting better.    This seems to happen every year and despite trying lots of remedies none seem to be the complete answer.

The hot weather has brought with it a huge amount of flies which are particularly worrying when they hang around the crias heads and eyes.

Some of the first cria had their second vaccinations today together with vitamin paste and a shot of wormer.   This is always a good landmark because (although it is not all over til the fat lady sings) it means that they have crossed one hurdle in life.

Some of the hens have mite s o we are going to clean out their houses tomorrow, spray the perches with paraffin and put vaseline on the hens feet in an effort to get rid of them and hopefully improve the egg laying situation.

Isobella (who lost her cria) seems to be doing well.  She is on a course of antibiotics and has to be injected every day for six days.

Three of the dogs were vaccinated today and Jake was much admired in the Vet's surgery and amazingly behaved superbly.   When two other collies growled at him, he merely snuggled up to me as much as to say "I don't do things like that, do I?".    He was his usual over friendly self but in a fairly controlled way.

Another one of the kids is limping.  Will get Nick to look at it tomorrow.

Getting a bit bit behind with spit offs and matings but hope to catch up later in the week.

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