Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Alario Triumphs again

Cordelia, pictured above, gave birth to a beautiful female cria this afternoon.   She was quite tired after entering the world so this picture of her asleep is all I could get without disturbing her.   Cordelia was sold a couple of years ago but returned as probably infertile as she failed to become pregnant despite several attempts by her new owners.  We swapped her for another alpaca and Alario impregnated her at first attempt.  He is a very good stud male and I doubt if we will every get another one so reliable and who throws so many female cria.  Unfortunately he is now related to most of the girls on the farm, and so we are trying to sell him in order to introduce a different bloodline  from another male.

Nick and I carried out my least favourite farm task this morning - tagging and microchipping the new cria.  usually I duck out of this job if I possibly can, but I thought I really should bite the bullet this time and do them all myself.  Actually although I did not enjoy it I felt reasonably competent when I had done a few.

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