Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A waiting game

Mike is in the air and on his way home from Thailand and his return cannot come too soon for me. He will be staying in Salisbury tonight and we are meeting up tomorrow to go to our dog agility lesson.

The time has gone quite quickly in hindsight but there have been some long days. Also there has been a lot going on. We showed at the Devon Show as previously mentioned, another cria has been born, the grandchildren stayed for the weekend whilst their parents celebrated their wedding aniversary by spending the night in a smart hotel in Cornwall. One day to catch up and then my uncle and his partner arrived to stay for a few days and as soon as they leave on Friday Mike's sister and her husband are arriving to look after the farm whilst we go to a week long dog agility competition in Kent.

All the alpacas are doing well and the new arrival is playing with her older sisters and it is really sweet seeing the four babies lying down together in the sunshine.

Just one more birth due in May and then none until the end of June and quite a few through July.

August is completely clear and we are close to achieving our target of condensing the birthing season to April May and June rather than having them spread throughout the summer. Apart from convenience, we feel that it gives the new cria a few months of warmer weather and nourishing grass so that they are well set up to get through the winter.

The paddocks are looking really lush now and we have lots of wild flowers in the bottom fields which are not being grazed at the moment. We have also left a long strip which is not topped or grazed to allow the wild flowers a bit more space.

Sales in the shop are going well with quite a few holiday makers buying our imported knitwear and the hand knitted sweaters made from our own alpaca wool.

There will be some more photos when Mike gets back with the camera, so watch this space.

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