Saturday, 17 May 2008

The Devon Show

My son, David stayed overnight on Thursday to help load the alpacas ready to transport them to the show. As it turned out I did all the advance preparation - packing the white show coats for the handlers not the alpacas, making sure we had the numbers for showing, hay, haynets, halters, leading reins etc: but he did everything on the day barring actually going into the show ring - despite encouragement from friends.

He used his own vehicle to tow the trailer and helped load and unload. brought the alpacas ring side so they were ready for the handlers (me and my friend Pauline) to take into the ring and generally ran the Laurel Farm contingent.

We started the day with a farmer's breakfast in the canteen opposite the show ring and included cornish pasties and ice cream in our daily diet as well as several cardboard cups of coffee and tea.

The weather was poor and the judges and stewards did their best to move the showing through quickly.

We were quite pessimistic about our potential show results because most of the young animals we were showing have very fine fleece with a long staple meaning that since the younger ones have never been shorn the length had pulled out the crimp. Surprisingly and most welcome were Laurels Lady Dorcus 2nd place in the Fancy class, Laurels Lady Emilia 3rd place in the intermediate female fawn class and Laurels Don Pedro with a 2nd in the intermediate brown male class.

We may be reviewing our shearing policies with a view to having the fleece at its best for the shows next year. We will be having a show results page on our website shortly.

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